Duo Tales Studio

~Tales for the Sweet & Whimsical~

Duo Tales studio is an upcoming award-winning studio creating sweet & whimsical tales in the visual forms of live-action films, animation, and soon graphic novels.


Find us on instagram or visit our website www.duotalesstudio.com to see our films, upcoming projects, accolades, press mentions and more!


Duo Tales Studio was created by my sister and I. For years we always wanted to tell stories together initially in the form of graphic novels, however, we somehow stumbled into filmmaking first!


We attended our first anime and comic book convention when we were in high school, even though we've been huge fans of animation, graphic novels, manga, and anime since before we even knew what we were watching was called anime! It was inspiring to see so many creative and bright individuals share their work in the Artist Alley or their adventures in the industry. Seeing them pursue their passion for storytelling helped me realize I wanted to learn and be a part of this industry too! 


Duo Tales Studio on set for  the short film, "The Days We Share." (January 2019)

It was great sharing our projects with the convention-goers as well as meeting other artists and writers at Otakufest 2019! 



Being a co-founder of Duo Tales Studio means I need to hold and adapt to several roles to make all of this possible. I'm involved in the entire production process for these films. I'm the screenwriter, co-producer, and director. Furthermore, I'm also responsible for editing our animations. I've also organized casting calls and call sheets.


We attend local anime and video game conventions to promote our work and sell original merchandise based on our films. I also

collaborate with third-party businesses to place our designs on various types of products, such as pins, prints, and stickers. 

My sister and I proudly manage a 5-star reviewed Etsy shop and a Redbubble store with 11.2k “favorites” received on our designs.

Films by Duo Tales Studio 

Logline for "The Days We Share":


A passive, high school artist’s friendship with her bold but insecure best friend becomes more strained when her best friend has other ideas on how they should adjust to their first year of high school together.


To view the EPK, click on the film poster! 

Post production for "The Days We Share" was completed in May 2020 and is currently being submitted to film festivals. So far, this short has been accepted into the following festivals:

  • NOMINATED for Best Student Director (Female) Los Angeles International Film Festival “Indie Short Fest” 2020

  • Furthermore, on August 27th, 2020, Duo Tales Studio received a non exclusive distribution offer to stream "The Days We Share" on the Independent Shorts Awards TV, hosted by Xerb.tv.

  • Official Selection at the Short to the Point Film Festival 

  • Official Selection at KIDS FIRST! Film Festival. It will be made available to more than 50 venues affiliated with KIDS FIRST! including established film festivals, museums, film societies, and other similar venues.

  • The Days We Share is an AWARD WINNER of the round of September 2020 from the IndieX Film Festival! The film was AWARDED Best Student Children Short! 

  • https://indiexfest.com/award-winners-september-2020/  It will screen at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood, CA, immediately after the end of health & travel restrictions. 

Film poster for "The Days We Share" from Duo Tales Studio (2020). Click on the poster to learn more!

"The Chase" from Duo Tales Studio (2017) - A wolf boy infiltrates Wool Town and causes chaos!

"Cherry" from Duo Tales Studio (2017) - When a young artist learns she can no longer be homeschooled, she struggles to decide whether or not to keep her imaginary friend Cherry or to befriend Lizzie who’ll be attending the same school as her. 

Upcoming Projects

Character Concept Design for Duo Tales Studio's  one volume graphic novel, "Brewing Magic."

Expected completion date: April 2022.



Based on Japanese mermaid lore, "Always" is a one volume graphic novel showing the lengths a merboy will go for love. Expected completion date: May 2021.