Producers Pool

MAIN ROLES for Producers Pool: Writer, Producer (2021 - Present)

Details of my responsibilities:

• Recruited by Disney Junior/Titmouse producer to pitch and write an original animation short script for YouTube Kids

• Attends meetings to take and distribute notes for artists based on storyboard and animatic reviews

• Renames, organizes and uploads artwork files to Shotgrid

• Gathers research materials for artists to use

After I completed my role as a writer, I was given the opportunity to volunteer as a producer. As a producer, I work closely with the artists in making sure we meet the preproduction needs for STARCATCHER STELLA. 

Communication and note-taking at production meetings 
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 I strive for open, clear communication with a bit of fun (see Kermit gif )! I'm responsible for taking notes during our weekly production meetings and uploading them to the Discord Channel. 

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I also check-in or remind artists of tasks that need to be done for Producers Pool.

Project Management 

With each new artwork produced, I make sure to label and sort the character designs into their respective folders. 


After organizing all of the files I receive from the artists, I upload the files to Shotgrid.


This will allow the project to be easily accessible to current team members and for those that enter the project during the production stage. 

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Tracking and assigning deadlines during the preproduction stage helps us deliver assets on time.

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