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Duo Tales Studio is an award-winning, indie studio co-founded by my sister and I. Our love for art and story led us to creating sweet and whimsical short films, but now we're shifting our focus to creating graphic novels. We sell merchandise based on our projects on Etsy and at local video game and anime conventions. To view Duo Tales Studio's past/current projects, press mentions, accolades, and our shop, please visit our website or click on the film posters below. 

Details of my responsibilities as a producer:

• Produced two live-action and one animation short

• Hiring and casting crews of 20+ 

• Strategically created shooting schedules, ensuring films were completed on-time and on-budget

• Managed all crew paperwork including contracts, insurance forms and call sheets

MAIN ROLES: Director, Writer, Producer (2017 - 2020)

During my time in graduate school, I made three short films (CHEERY, THE CHASE, and THE DAYS WE SHARE) under Duo Tales Studio. It was a unique experience because I had to switch between creative and managerial roles. After I wrote the script for the film posters you see above, I then took on the role as director and producer. I even served as the editor for our animation short, THE CHASE.


Scroll down to see how I juggled these various roles and what I learned along the way!

Organizing files from Photoshop to import and edit in Premiere Pro

Creating THE CHASE (an animation short) allowed me to learn all kinds of software programs, such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere.


After I wrote the outline and completed the storyboard, I gave it to the artist I was working with.


From there, I took the files that were created in Illustrator and Photoshop by the artist and imported them into Premiere Pro, which is where I edited the animation. 

As a result of our efforts, it has screened in thirty cities in Romania and was mentioned in Variety for winning "Best Technical Achievement" at the Miami Film Festival in 2019! 

unnamed (2).png

Image 1: I labeled each folder by scene number. Within each folder contains a various amount of art files that make up the entire animation.


Image 2: After organizing all of the folders from Image 1, I then imported the files into Premiere Pro and began editing. I added the appropriate amount of effects and determined the duration of each frame. 

Organizing shooting schedules and interfacing with the cast and crew
Screenshot (208).png

For our latest short film, THE DAYS WE SHARE, I was responsible for all correspondences. I reached out to third party businesses to collect insurance forms, created call sheets and organized a shooting schedule for a cast and crew of over twenty people.


Furthermore, whenever a conflict of scheduling occurred, I would communicate with the cast and crew in adjusting the schedule to ensure we could meet our production goals. 


Image 3: This is the call sheet template I used during production. After filling it out with the necessary information, I then emailed it to the cast and crew. 

Screenshot (207).png

Image 4: One of the many emails I wrote to the cast and crew explaining the expectations of our production schedule. Along with this email, I also included a call sheet (see image 3).

 Creating budget sheets and organizing contracts

Creating a student film means utilizing your resources as much as possible, as well as working on a very tight schedule and budget. To help keep track of our expenses, I created this budget sheet using Excel (image 5). 

Working on our first short film, CHERRY, taught me the importance of creating contracts using Movie Magic Screenwriting Software (image 6). Utilizing contracts allowed us to mitigate any potential issues that could occur on set. I casted three minors, so I made it one of my top priorities in making sure the child actresses and their parents were comfortable and clear on what the expectations of the project were.

Screenshot (206).png

Image 5: Although we initially  underestimated the cost of certain items, tracking our expenses allowed us to allocate our funds ahead of time, which made us successfully stay within budget.

dfg (1).png
Screen Shot 2021-09-28 at 2.11.58 PM.png

Image 6: To ensure the contracts were clearly and easily accessible, I created two folders and within these folders, I labeled each contract with the name of the actress casted for CHERRY.

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