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Series Production Assistant at Powerhouse Animation Studios

[October 13, 2021 - March 31, 2023]

• Took and distributed detailed meeting notes regarding important updates/deadlines
• Researched and placed purchasing orders needed for artists
• Maintained and tracked the status of digital assets using Google Sheets
• Set up and exported TARGA (TGA) files on Clip Studio Paint
• Responsible for script breakdowns and identifying assets needed for production
• Assisted artists with troubleshooting PC and licensing issues
• Updated files and links on the project’s Wiki page
• Performed quality assurance passes on storyboard files and character model sheets
• Assembled production materials needed to ship to outsourcers
• Arranged radio play files using Adobe Premiere Pro for the director to review audio takes

Skills: Production Management · Zoom · GSuite · Adobe Creative Suite · Final Draft · Clip Studio Paint · Storyboard Pro



Writer and Producer at Producers Pool

[ June 2021 - September 2021]

• Recruited by Disney Junior/Titmouse producer to pitch and write an original animation short script for YouTube Kids
• Attended meetings to take and distribute notes on storyboard and animatic reviews for artists
• Renamed, organized and uploaded artwork files to Shotgrid
• Gathered research materials for artists to use

Skills: Shotgrid · Final Draft

Initially, I was recruited by Drew Tolman (Disney Jr./Titmouse producer) to write a one minute animation short that was about a post Covid world in which families could bring their children to the theaters again. With those parameters set, here is the logline of the script I wrote: 

A tomboy, phone-obsessed, 6-year-old is unwillingly dragged by her mother to go to the movie theatres. However, watching a particular film may be just what Chloe needs to feel excited again after a post-Covid lockdown.

Once my role as the writer was complete, I became the producer of it where I gained even more production management experience. 

Read the Script
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Co-founder, Director, Writer, and Producer

I attended the University of Miami and received an MFA in film. As a student, I wrote, directed, and produced these  three award-winning short films  under Duo Tales Studio. It was also during this time I gained three years of production management experience. 

Duo Tales Studio was founded by my sister and I. From 2017 to 2019, we created sweet and whimsical short films, but now we're shifting our focus in creating original WEBTOON comics. We also run an Etsy shop and sell original designs based on our projects at local video game and anime conventions. 

Scroll down and click the links below to see the films I made while in graduate school.

Film Projects: Text


Director, Producer, Writer [2018-2019]

A passive, high school artist’s friendship with her bold but insecure best friend becomes more strained when her best friend has other ideas on how they should adjust to their first year of high school together.

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Screenshot (1647).png


Director, Producer, Writer, Editor [2017]

A short animation about a wolf boy infiltrating Wool Town and causing chaos.

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Director, Writer, Producer [2017]

When a young artist learns she can no longer be homeschooled, she struggles to decide whether or not to keep her imaginary friend Cherry or to befriend Lizzie who’ll be attending the same school as her.

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