Character Concept Art from Duo Tales Studio's "Brewing Magic." 

Chantal is an award-winning filmmaker that has been featured in film festivals in the US and internationally. She is currently an adjunct professor of screenwriting.


When she isn't teaching, she is building Duo Tales Studio, an upcoming award-winning studio creating sweet & whimsical live-action and animation shorts. Duo Tales Studio can be found selling original merch from their films on Etsy and at local video game and anime conventions. To learn more, visit their Instagram page @duotalesstudio or view their portfolio and accolades at


Chantal's film “Cherry” screened at several film festivals and won “Best Female Actress” at the Miami Film Festival in 2018. Her short animation, “The Chase” screened at the 2019 Miami Film Festival and was mentioned in Variety for winning "Best Technical Achievement." It screened at the Super Geek Film Festival at Florida Supercon 2017, South Florida's largest anime and comic book convention featuring top names in the industry. "The Chase" was also selected for the Short To The Point Festival (Children Selection) in March 2018 and screened in at least 30 cities in Romania. Her most recent short film, "The Days We Share" was nominated for Best Student Director (Female) and received a non exclusive distribution offer to stream on the Independent Shorts Awards TV, hosted by


Aside from writing and directing,  she has experience as a script supervisor, art director, film producer, and co-Editor-in-Chief of a literary journal, and has worked with accomplished performers now on the CW Network. 


Chantal received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English/Creative Writing with a minor in film from the University of Miami. She recently earned her Master of Fine Arts degree in Film at the same institution, specializing in directing and screenwriting. When she’s not making films, she enjoys reading comic books, playing video games, and screaming at the top of her lungs at K-pop concerts.

Still from the short film, "The Days We Share." Completed in May 2020.