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Animation Production Assistant + Writer

Creating an animation is a team effort and I've been working as a Series Production Assistant on SKULL ISLAND at Powerhouse Animation Studios since October 13th 2021. My role at this studio is ending and I’ll be available for remote work starting this April! I’m seeking contract or full-time roles as a Production Assistant or Production Coordinator. 

I'm also writing a WEBTOON comic under Duo Tales Studio, a studio I co-founded with my sister where together we create sweet & whimsical stories. I enjoy writing coming-of-age stories that focus on characters striving to move beyond the expectations of others in order to become their best self.

To learn more about my experiences, feel free to browse the tabs above or click on the RESUME button below.

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"Follow Your Passion And Life Will Reward You."

Uncle Iroh - Avatar: The Last Airbender

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