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Fun Facts about me!

  • "The Chase" is an animation short I directed, wrote, edited, and produced. It screened in at least thirty cities in Romania and was mentioned in Variety for winning "Best Technical Achievement" at the Miami Film Festival 2019. Watch it here!

  • In January 2021, I finished writing a one volume, graphic novel script based on Japanese mermaid lore. Click here to learn more!

  • I manage a Redbubble shop with over 12,000 favorites received on designs based on a comic book I'm writing and films I've written, directed and produced for Duo Tales Studio. Check out our shop!

  • I took a picture with my favorite voice actor, Matthew Mercer (Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir, Attack on Titan, Voltron: Legendary Defender) while cosplaying as an animated character he voiced for. It was epic. 

  • Music really helps me get the creative juices flowing. According to Spotify, I'm BTS' "top 0.5%" listener of 2020. Whoa.

  • A flash fiction piece I wrote was published in MIAMBIANCE and won second place in a state competition. ​

  • I create instagram posts about manga (Japanese comics),  American comics, and animation films/series. Follow me on my Instagram to see what I'm reading and watching these days!

  • I was the Fiction Editor and Co-Editor in Chief of the literary journal, MANGROVE. These are the journals I helped publish!​


Creating an animation is a team effort and I'm currently helping the team at Powerhouse Animation Studios, Inc. as a Series Production Assistant. 

My name is Chantal and I'm an award-winning indie filmmaker with an MFA in film from the University of Miami (2019). While attending graduate school, I gained three years of production experience in making award-winning animation and live action shorts. 


​You may be wondering...Why animation?


Well, my love for storytelling and animation began as a kid born in the 90s. I grew up watching American cartoons and anime (Japanese cartoons) and seeing the various art styles and stories flowing out from these culturally-different studios onto my television screen was (and continues to be) an awesome experience. It’s because of this and my love for storytelling that I decided to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in English/creative writing at the University of Miami (2015) and earned my Master of Fine Arts in film (2019) at the same institution. Now, I want to work with other creatives that are just as passionate as me about animation. My long term goal is to become an executive producer/creator of an animated television series.


On the side, I enjoy writing whimsical universes in comic script format, roller skating, and screaming at the top of my lungs at K-pop concerts. 

© Chantal Gabriel.


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